Ten Things I Wish I Could Say To Different People Right Now
1. Jayme; I'm really glad that we resolved/forgot about things. I was lonely without you. You are my best friend.
2. Maurice; Thank you for always listening to me. You are a great friend and I appreciate everything.
3. Nic; You are the best listener ever, and our car rides have helped me so much. Thanks for all that you've done.
4. Chris; You ROCK. If distance weren't an issue, I'd be trying 10x harder. I wish we still lived in the same vicinity :(.
5. Dad; I know you're trying to buy my love, but it's not working. But I appreciate the efforts...
6. Stephanie; you rock. Thanks for pushing me to not be with Ryan. Friends know what's best for friends, and I love you :).
7. Ryan; We had a good run, but I am 10x more happier now than I ever was with you. I miss you, but I miss Minnie more.
8. Raj; I miss you, man. I wish I could have saved you.
9. Andrea&Jen; Sorry JAC had a falling out, but you guys are bitches and I don't need that shit in my life/
10. Martin; you molded me into who I am today. I will always have something for you, but we are long done and I am glad that I don't want to hit you everytime I see you now.

Nine Things About Myself
1. I have a massive crush on Chris. But it will never work because we live too far away, and he doesn't like relaitonships.
2. I have a major procrastination problem.
3. I don't consider my stepfather a parent.
4. I hate a lot of people. I'm not an angry person, I just don't get along with a lot of people.
5. My friends poke fun at me for the lamest things, but I wouldn't trade them for anything.
6. I get distracted easily.
7. I can live with a messy room for weeks, but as soon as I have a huge test or paper due, I have a strong urge to clean it and won't work until it's spotless.
8. I. Love. Black. Tea.
9. I. Love. TV

Eight Ways To Win My Heart
1. Make me laugh
2. Kiss the back of my neck
3. Compliment Me
4. Listen to my problems & ask me how they're going.
5. Make time for me
6. Tell me you miss me.
7. Flirt with me :)
8. Don't try to sleep with me on the first night.

Seven Things That Cross My Mind A Lot
1. Relationships
2. Money
3. Careers
4. What time should I wake up at?
5. Am I ever going to find true love?
6. Travelling
7. What my friends think of me.

Six Thing I Do Before I Fall Asleep.
1. Talk on MSN
2. Decide what time I have to wake up
3. Brush Teeth & Wash Face
4. Read a bit
5. Think about what I want to dream about --normally it works
6. turn off the volume on the computer

Five People Who Mean A Lot To Me
1. My sister
2. Nic
3. Maurice
4. Jayme
5. Stephy

Four Things You’re Wearing Right Now
1. Pajama bottoms
2. DC shirt
3. Bra
4. Underwear

Three Songs You Listen To Frequently
1. Sunglasses- Divine Brown
2. Cross my heart - Marianas Trench
3. Say it ain't so - Weezer

Two Things You Want To Do Before You Die.
1. Travel the world
2. Get a career

One Confession
1. I wish I was more productive

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